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We’re Offended

We’re Offended. We push boundaries, encourage risks, show companies how to take a stand, find voices, wear Docs with no socks, craft messages, build brands from the ground up, create content, shoot films, occasionally feed Quavers to cats, mould emotion into words, drive traffic, attract attention, step into an audience’s shoes, because the world is ready for a new type of agency, a nonconformist, daring, bold type of agency, a ‘we’re not boring, or dry, or lazy’ type of agency, a ‘Let us show you why you’re different, and why that’s powerful’ type of agency.

We’re not called Offended because we set out to offend people.

We’re called Offended because we believe that if you take a stand, say something different, have an opinion, stick up for an underdog, and believe in something, anything, then, chances are, you’ll offend someone. And, whether you’re an individual or a brand, not only is that OK…

…it’s why you’ll win.

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Commercial Marketing

It’s hard to know where to go for marketing that makes you go ‘woah!’ Luckily, we won’t be writing rhymes like that for you, because, well…it was rubbish. But when it comes to building brands, social media channels, copywriting, illustration and media, we’ve got you covered, G.

Did we just call you G? I think we did, yeah.

Employer Branding

There are plenty of folks (agencies) out there capable of building your employer brand. A bland, generic, dry, boooorrrrriiinng employer brand. And then there’s us. From helping to define your EVP, to social campaigns that resonate with your ideal candidate, we’re the peeps in the know, y’know? Yeah, you know.

Touch Us Up

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